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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

September 28, 1999 (7 Batz, 4 Tzotz, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come before you in great Joy! Your reality is, indeed, picking up the pace of its transformational process. Every moment of every day, the consciousness of your realm increases. This growing awareness of Spirit is beginning to move your worldly cabals onto another and more enlightened path. It is this now-altered path, as well as a number of other items, that we intend to discuss with you today. This process in which you are involved is a group effort. As you do your work in your own unique way, you add to the intensity and the expansiveness of your society's consciousness field. It is this field's effects that are beginning to change the direction of your secret elites. They are permitting your precious planet to swiftly complete her many alterations. This is the great wonder and the marvelous miracle that is now manifesting upon your world. Take it in and feel its magnificence. It is meant only to grow and to grow and to grow. At its core there is you, and all who form the spiritual team that is changing your world. You are the ones who are helping us to carry out the divine decrees of Heaven.

      Every great change in a reality occurs when certain evolutionary energies reach distinct levels. Then, they are either squashed by a matrix's rulers, or moved to a prescribed channel where the reality's rulers can address it. Infrequently, this change turns into a spiritual revolution that expands and actually causes its rulers to permit a new reality and its matrix to be created. This third proposition is what is now occurring upon your world. Hence, a new reality is being birthed. You are the midwives of this coming reality. Your actions and your growing awareness have made all of this possible. Dear Ones, we cannot say this enough times. We in Heaven are quite proud of your work. Yet, in many ways, you have not even started upon the degree of societal changes of which you are capable. We know how grand a body of Beings you truly are. You have come from places that exist in the farthest points of this Creation. You have come willingly to do those things that transform the darkness in this reality into a most profound Light, a Light that shall transform not only your present reality, but also all of Creation.

      In the last few decades, your worldly cabals have conceived many detailed plans to turn your world into a great darkness. This process is one not condoned by the divine plan. Accordingly, Lord Siraya and the great Orders of A-E-O-N have divinely intervened to secure the path agreed to by the divine Will of Creation. It is this path upon which you are now journeying. It is a path that leads you to your new Golden reality. It is a path that restores you to full consciousness. It is a path that proclaims the full restoration of your world and this entire solar system. To assist you, the ships and personnel of the Galactic Federation of Light have come very near to your shores. They remain ready at the right divine moment to openly and massively appear before you. We are gently guiding these things. Presently, you are being transformed into physical Angels. This process needs to produce a realm that agrees with who you really are. It is the coming world that is to be your true realm. It is filled with those items and those environments with which you most aptly agree.

      This forming reality is creating a new set of collective agreements. Your new life contracts are leading many of you to choose paths that you did not intend originally to pursue. We are most pleased with the way you have taken the knowledge given you, and employed it to hasten the great changes decreed by Heaven. Your work has even made it possible to create certain new types of financial and societal organizations. We remain fully confident that you shall shortly employ these new structures to quickly fashion your new reality. The main point, dear Ones, is your creative overcoming of the fear, limitations and other obstacles that have been put before you. Even your secret elites are in awe of what you are accomplishing. They sense that the innate power still within you is beginning to manifest only haphazardly in front of them. As this enormous power congeals, it is starting to realize its potential to quickly change your present reality. One of our greatest joys is to watch you grow more and more confident.

      Your growing consciousness and the changing direction of your worldly cabals is quickly opening up a series of wondrous events. We shall not go into them in any detail. Currently, they are fragile agreements between your worldly cabals and the special liaison team of the Galactic Federation. Nonetheless, know that they are bringing a greater degree of harmony to your world. In addition, they are making possible the special synergy that creates an environment highly conducive to bringing in a new reality. The conditions around you are making your path to Spirit more acceptable. Soon, some new ingredients will be added to this mixture. These coming surprises have been set up by those things that are now happening to you and, especially, to your global society. They promise to further accelerate what is happening to you. Look for some amazing announcements in the summer, and more as the galactic year of 9 Eb sets in.

      As the sacred and blessed energies from A-E-O-N become much more pervasive, your diverse physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual integrations are being speeded up rapidly. These integrations are completely forming your Light Body - permitting it to fully swallow up your now gross physical body. It is this process that is preparing you to transform your internal miasma and to begin to accept who you really are. This process is under our divine supervision. It is letting in the fuller awareness to which we are constantly alluding. With it, Spirit is connecting to you in ways that were previously not possible. It is also making you feel a sort of antsiness, a need to take some sort of a concerted action. This process builds your global web of Light by creating the high degree of inner searching that leads you to who you are.

      This procedure has a number of scenarios attached to it. The only major difference between them is their timing. This leads us to stress the need for you to employ your Heavenly supply in the most constructive ways possible. The degree of growth needed to reach your prophesied 'omega point' is really not all that great. The key remains how committed and focused you remain. The structures required to shift your reality already exist in one form or the other. What is presently lacking is the actual manifesting will to accomplish it. This promises to appear quickly in the coming galactic months. You are growing at an amazing rate. In addition, you are becoming more sensitive to the need to link up your many diverse organizations on a global basis. Also, you are starting to discover creatively how quickly this can be consummated.

      Dear Ones, you are also commencing to create a conscious dynamic that encourages your inner inventiveness. It allows you to put forth those items that can rapidly form the beginning of your galactic society. This process means that you are learning the increments, or steps, needed to merge yourselves into a creative team. You are also learning the wonderment of who you are. These two levels of consciousness are just starting to play off against one another. A kind of surreptitious plot is being formed that is just ready to come to the surface. It contains many of the items that we denoted briefly in the previous paragraph. With it, you are preparing to utilize more of the advice and guidance that we offer you. This process also brings a great joy and gratitude to all the many Orders that reside in Heaven.

      Today, we have discussed many things. These items were about consciousness, and events occurring now upon your world. We ask that you use this information to get a better grasp of what is presently taking place. Use this time to go inside and see that you are not alone. The time has come to act, and act in a way that can precipitate your new reality. We now take our leave. Ones in the Light who reside upon this Earthly plane: Take your growing consciousness and Heaven's great assistance and her Supply. Use it to create your wondrous new reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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