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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

October 2, 1999 (11 Men, 8 Tzotz, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come to you on our heavenly wings of Light. We arrive to discuss your transformations and to usher you even more into the gentle and all-encompassing realm of Light! Dear Ones, much is happening to you that will bring you to the time of your fulfillment of Heaven's great prophecies. At this Celestial moment, you rest on the verge of many wondrous things. It is nearly time for you to receive the Supply that Heaven promised you. In addition, many other gifts are about to be bestowed on you. In this light, you should know that some needed veils that you and your reality's matrix created in your childhood are now being stripped from your emotional bodies. A process that directs them to the attention of your consciousness is altering them. This process is creating a great deal of stress and emotional difficulties. These things are only temporary, and you need to express your gratitude and blessings to them for the many lessons that they have taught you. This procedure is one that is also presenting you with a marvelous energy and with new insights about your ever-expanding potential.

      It is this ever-growing potential to which we would like now to devote some time. When you were fully conscious and not yet birthed, your potential was infinite, as was your ability to manifest what you required. Accordingly, you have always deeply sensed that this ability is your natural state. At birth or shortly thereafter, you willingly tacked on the thought-forms of your ancestors and what information your parents, relatives and friends gave you. By now, this emotional baggage is quite voluminous. It is not easy to dispose of. Rather, these encumbrances need to accept that it is indeed time for them to transform themselves into a vehicle that can encourage your return to your natural, unlimited state. This procedure is now occurring. Around you, a new matrix filled with infinite positive possibilities is forming. It needs to be connected to every one of you. That part of the process is now underway. We have already referred to the first part of this threefold operation.

      There are yet another two steps that must be accomplished. These steps refer to the next requirement to cleanse and, at the same time, re-order your mental bodies. This manifesting process derives from a divine intention. You make this intention your own and then demonstrate it by putting forth a pure or unencumbered thought-form. To do this, you need first to set aside those beliefs that have limited how you order or even word your manifesting decrees or commands. The language that most of you have been taught comes from lack and limitation. It needs to be re-ordered. We shall discuss this process in greater detail in some other messages. Consequently, let our brief comments on this subject suffice for the present. As noted, it is first necessary for your initial step in this procedure to be completed. When that is over, it is then appropriate to re-work your manifesting abilities. Nonetheless, know that the manifesting grids are in place, making it possible for you to receive your Supply. Many good works are about to be done. Many great changes are now happening!

      As your reality shifts into one marked by full consciousness, it begins to manifest what you truly require, gradually and then swiftly. Bear in mind that physicality is an illusion that Creation has given for a purpose. This purpose involves the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom. It is these items that Heaven shall employ to assist the divine plan, as it unfolds the workings of the divine Will. When fully revealed, physicality shall merge into Heaven and a new Creation shall be born. It is this simple and most profound process in which we all are now involved. Its final outcome leads only toward success and the expansion ever outward of your potential. Every reality in physicality is merely part of this sacred process that has already gone on for many Eons. Creation is the vehicle by which we learn, and simultaneously perform, our divine service. It is the way we discover our inner nature and learn how deeply we are connected to each other. Life is but the great river of Heaven. We are merely sacred drops within its vast waters.

      Spiritually, you are only a mere microcosm, and yet you embody the macrocosm. It is this dichotomy that makes all sentient Beings truly remarkable. Moreover, you possess certain gifts that have made you the center of the mighty wheelwork known as physical Creation. You have come to this place called Earth with a grand purpose - to transform what it currently represents. Your inner vision is leading you toward the great change - your return to full consciousness. You have come to upset this reality's applecart. You have come to give it a most magnificent new birth. This process means that you need to wash off your dirty bare feet and clean up your scruffy demeanor. It is time to don your wondrous new garments and show off your shiny new shoes. The moment is quickly approaching to announce who you are, and what you have been given divine dispensation to achieve.

      Your task is one that has a very broad scope. It has been expanded further by the arrival of A-E-O-N. Lord Siraya and Lady Assyria have come to assure that the divine Will of Heaven is carried out. This has made your transformational process a 'done deal'. All that is needed is your commitment and continued focus upon your true purpose. In your divine service, you aid in the acceleration of the sacred tasks of Heaven. Those who control your world know these facts and understand completely why they are now swiftly changing this reality. Right now, your realm resembles a snowball rolling down a very steep snow-clad ridge. Soon, it will begin to trigger an avalanche that can engulf this reality in its unreleasable grip. Out of this snowy cocoon, there shall come a new reality. It is this new reality that will be released to fulfill its magnificent destiny.

      Dear Ones, each of you has a divine task to perform. Bear in mind that you have great worth, as well as great abilities. If not, you would not have been born here at this particular place and time. We bear witness to the way you are rapidly awakening and permitting us to guide you to your purpose. Many of you have already formed organizations or groups that espouse values that mirror why you are here. Others are still searching. They are looking about for what is necessary to fulfill the reason they are here. These many levels of activity are being orchestrated to come together at the right profound moment. This process is most enjoyable for us to observe and then to participate in. You are growing into your roles in a most beautiful series of ways. We are extremely grateful for your ability to follow your heart and obey your inner Truths.

      The final part of this cosmic drama is now forming around you. Some of its key elements remain to be introduced to you. Be aware that they are coming and shall be given at the right sacred moment. It is our purpose to complete this action in a proper and divine way. Yet, we fully realize the nature and the state of the reality in which you currently reside. Henceforth, know that relief is on the way. You are simply going through the final sets of hard times. Your worldly cabals comprehend this and what it has meant to their plans. The only outcome that we permit is one that embraces the Light completely and positively transforms your reality. Dear Ones, we are firmly dedicated to this cause. Your magnificence shall be rewarded shortly. Heaven has an agenda and it leads only to a golden and wondrous new reality.

      Today, we have looked at the process that is transforming both you and your reality. We sincerely request that you look inside and, if now appropriate, orient yourselves toward creating a comprehensive plan of action. Then, we ask that you come forth and assist us by carrying out this plan. Now, dear Ones, we take our leave. O People of the Earth Plane: take our words and Heaven's Supply! Forge it, along with your sacred actions, to create a wondrous and fully conscious reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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