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What to do if you see a UFO.

1. Scream. Honestly! This will attract the people around you who will wonder what you're screaming about. You then point out the UFO to them and you instantly gain a few back-up witnesses to the sighting. Sightings which have only one witness carries very little weight, but one reported by two inde- pendent witnesses adds a lot of credibility to a UFO sighting.

2. If you have a camera, try and take a few pictures. The best photos of UFOs have background and foreground details in the shot, try not to just photo- graph it in the sky. This enables the investigator to give a better estimate of the size of the UFO.

3. Write down what you saw as soon as possible. Draw a sketch of it and show where any lights were positioned on the craft. Also describe the path it flew.

4. If the UFO landed on the ground or even just scraped it for a seconds, try and stop anybody from getting near the area. If you have a camera, photograph the area.

5. REPORT the sighting AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This allows the UFO investigator to interview the witnesses whilst the memory of the event is still fresh.

If the sighting was in the UK, write to the BUFORA Director Of investigations at :

If you live in the US, you can contact CUFOS at :
The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, 2457 W. Peterson Avenue, Chicago,
IL 60659 or call (312) 271-3611.

Or you can contact MUFON at :

Mutual UFO Network, Inc.,
103 Oldtowne Road,
Texas 78155-4099 or call (512) 379-9216.

For a full list of UFO organisations, download :
a.a.v.-faq.Z from